Jan 27, 2023  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog

Music, Instrumental/General Music, K-12 Licensure Concentration, B.M.

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(Leading to the Bachelor of Music Degree and the Apprentice License, with endorsement, Grades K-12)

Music Education

Students majoring in music education will follow either the Instrumental or Vocal/General curriculum. Students must select a major performing medium for private study; Instrumental Majors select a band or orchestral concentration, and Vocal/General majors select voice, piano, or organ.

Moreover, music education students must:

  1. Enroll for private study in the major performing medium each semester of full-time residency.
  2. Participate each semester in the Ensemble of Record specific to the student’s instrument:
    1. Piano: Vocal Track: University Choirs; Instrumental Track: University Bands, University Orchestra, or University Jazz Bands
    2. Guitar: University Choirs or University Jazz Bands
    3. Strings: University Orchestra
    4. Voice: Concert Choir or Chorale
    5. Wind/Percussion:
      Fall Semester – Marching Band
      Spring Semester – Symphony Band or Concert Band as assigned by audition
  3. Participate each semester in either studio or departmental recital and, at the discretion of the studio instructor, perform as a soloist in public recital.
  4. Attend seven (7) recitals or concerts during each semester of full-time residency.
  5. Satisfy the proficiency examination in piano.


Freshman Year

First Semester

Credit: 14

Second Semester

Credit: 17

Sophomore Year

Total: 18

Second Semester

Total: 17

Junior Year

Senior Year

First Semester

Total: 13

Total: 12


1 This course not included in 125-hour curriculum.
2 Instrument Techniques classes, 5 hours. Take MUS 1031 , MUS 1041 , and MUS 1051 , plus two from: MUS 1032  (string students), MUS 1042  (brass and percussion students), MUS 1052  (woodwind and percussion students), MUS 1071  (woodwind, brass, strings, piano and guitar students) or MUS 1081  (piano and guitar students).
Must submit evidence of current First Aid/CPR training.


Additional Licensure: Vocal/General Music Education

 The student must satisfy current TTU requirements for the B.M. in Music Education, MUIN.

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