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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Success Center

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Edith Duvier, Director/Advisor

Advisors: Deborah Allen, Samanata Bates, Angela Clark, Jennifer Dyer, Whitney Foust

The Student Success Center serves undergraduate freshmen and sophomore students within the College of Arts and Sciences as well as students who are in General Curriculum, General Health Studies, and General Pre-Law. Advisors within the SSC assist Arts and Sciences students to navigate their freshmen and sophomore years within their chosen major and comply with University requirements.  In addition, the SSC acts as a resource for students and faculty who have questions or who need assistance as an upper classmen.

The SSC is especially committed to guiding students as they progress in their education by providing individual academic advising.  Students will receive assistance with selecting general education courses, basic major requirements, choosing appropriate degree programs and career paths, and help in solving problems that could cause them to be unsuccessful academically.  The following majors are advised in the College of Arts and Sciences Student Success Center:  Biology/Wildlife Fisheries, Communication, English, History, Geosciences, General Curriculum, General Health Studies, General Pre-law, International Business and Cultures, Mathematics, Political Sciences, Psychology, Sociology and Special Non-degree.  (Departments within the College of Arts and Sciences not listed here are advised by faculty within the Departments).

General Curriculum (GECU) is for students uncertain about their career goals or who want to explore a new major. Students will receive advising and guidance aimed at helping students make an educated decision about their future careers. Students who meet departmental qualifications may transfer to an academic department upon request but can stay until they have earned 60 credit hours.  

General Health Studies (GHS) is for students who plan to enter nursing or one of the pre-professional fields. Students will receive career counseling and begin fulfilling their general education requirements while preparing for their chosen education and career.

General Pre-Law (GEPL) is for students who are planning on entering law school after graduation from the University. Advisors aid students in selecting a major that will prepare  them for their future education and careers. Students are also encouraged to join the Pre-Law Club where they will meet other students with similar interests in law.

General Curriculum (GECU) and General Pre-Law (GEPL)

(The following first-year curriculum is recommended for students who are in the process of selecting a specific major.)

Freshman Year

Total: 30


1 Course selected in consultation with academic advisor.
2 Select from the following: ASTR 1010 , ASTR 1020 ; BIOL 1010 , BIOL 1020 ;  BIOL 1114 , BIOL 2110 ; BIOL 2010 , BIOL 2020 ; CHEM 1010 , CHEM 1020 ; CHEM 1110 , CHEM 1120 ; GEOL 1040 , GEOL 1045 ; PHYS 2010 , PHYS 2020 ; PHYS 2110 /PHYS 2111 , PHYS 2120 /PHYS 2121 . Students should confer with an academic advisor regarding the specific course selection.
3 Select two Social/Behavioral Science  courses from the approved list.
4 Elective hours or Humanities/Fine Arts  courses from the approved list.

General Health Studies (GHS)

General Health Studies students may pick up an advising sheet for their particular area of interest in the Student Success Center in Henderson Hall, room 202.

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