Jan 27, 2023  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog

Readmission of Former Students

Readmission A former student of the University must file an application for re-admission. The application may be obtained online at www.tntech.edu/applyonline. No application fee is required.

A former student who has been suspended two or more times or dismissed must submit a Request for Readmission After Suspension in addition to the application for re-admission. Admission decisions for suspended or dismissed students are determined by the Admissions Review Committee.

Students should contact the Office of Residential Life concerning on-campus housing requirements (See Residential Life).

Readmission After Suspension. A student suspended for the first time will be accepted for readmission after one full fall or spring semester away from all institutions of higher education. The student must apply for readmission at www.tntech.edu/applyonline/. Readmission to the institution is subject to satisfactory performance at previous institutions if the student chooses to enroll at another institution while away from the University. A student applying for readmission after a second or third suspension should follow the procedure listed below AFTER being away from the University for one calendar year for a second suspension and two calendar years for a third suspension. An exception to this required leave may be made for the student who completes an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree in a university parallel curriculum at a community college in the interim.

  1. Student must submit the “Readmission after Suspension” form prior to the beginning of the semester. International students need to also apply before the beginning of the semester.
  2. Student must provide any supporting documents or current academic transcripts to accompany the readmission application.
  3. Student may personally explain to the Dean (or his/her designee) of his/her college the reasons for seeking readmission.
  4. The readmission application and dean’s/designee’s recommendation will be considered by the University Admissions and Credits Committee.
  5. Student will be notified by mail or email from the Office of Admissions about the status of the readmission application and the terms of readmission, if granted.

Appeal. A student may appeal part or all of his/her required leave from the University by completing the “Readmission after Suspension” application process. During the appeal process, most of the suspensions are upheld with exceptions being made only when rare extenuating circumstances exist. The Admissions and Credits Committee will usually require the student to wait one semester before he or she can be readmitted.