Mar 25, 2023  
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


A minor is 15 hours. A student may elect to complete more than one minor. The following conditions apply:

  • A minor in any specific discipline in the College of Arts and Sciences must include 6 Upper Division hours. A minor in English may not include ENGL 1010 or ENGL 1020. A minor in Mathematics must include MATH 1910 and MATH 1920 and it may not include a course numbered below MATH 1910.
  • A minor for Arts and Sciences students requires the completion of 15 semester hours, including 6 upper-division hours, in a coherent program of study. The criterion of coherence may be met in either of two ways: (1) by following the minor curriculum prescribed by any department or college at TTU, so long as it includes at least 6 upper-division hours; (2) if such a  minor curriculum is not available in the chosen department or college, by taking the 15 semester hours, including 6 at the upper division, in a single discipline—i.e., normally, courses with the same course prefix, but students should check with the department offering the minor before assuming this. Exception: A minor in physics will consist of at least 15 hours of coursework including PHYS 2110PHYS 2120PHYS 2420PHYS 2920 and one upper division physics course.
  • A minor in Art or Music may contain no more than 4 hours of individual instruction, ensemble, or activity courses.


A-Z Listing of Minors



Accounting Minor  
Agriculture Minor  
Aquatics Minor  
Art History Minor  
Art Minor  
Art Studio Minor 
Astronomy Minor    


Business Information Technology and Analytics Minor  
Business Management Minor  
Business Minor  


Caregiving Minor  
Chemistry Minor  
Coaching Minor  
Communication Minor  
Computer Science Education (CSED) Minor  
Computer Science Minor  


Early Childhood Education (ECED or ECSP) Minor  
Education Minor  
Elementary Education (ELED) Minor  
English as a Second Language (ESLP) Minor 
Environmental Engineering Minor   
Environmental Studies Minor  
Event Planning Minor  
Exercise Science Minor  


Family Sciences Minor  
Foreign Language Minor  
Foundations of Education (FOED) Minor  


Health and Wellness Minor 
Housing and Design Minor  
Human Ecology Minor  
Human Resource Management Minor  
Humanities Minor  


International Business Minor  
International Studies Minor  


Leadership Minor  
Leadership and Military Science Minor  


Manufacturing and Engineering Technology Minor 
Materials Science and Engineering Minor  
Merchandising and Design Minor   
Middle Grades Minor  
Music History Minor  
Music Performance Minor  
Music Technology Minor  
Music Theory and Composition Minor   


Natural Resources Minor  


Parks and Protected Areas Minor 
Physics Minor   
Professional and Technical Communication Minor  
Psychology Minor  


Race and Ethnic Studies in the United States (US) Minor  
Reading (READ) Minor  
Religious Studies Minor  


Science Minor  
Secondary Education (SEED) Minor  
Social Science Minor  
Special Education (SPED) Minor   


Women’s and Gender Studies Minor