Aug 17, 2022  
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Economics, Finance and Marketing

Professor Pech, Chairperson; Professors I. Anitsal, DiFurio, Isbell, Martin, Pashley, Pharr, Stephens (Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs), Throckmorton, Wiant; Associate Professors Alley, M. Anitsal; Assistant Professors Cole, Hales, Melichar; Lecturer Nabors

The program in economics is designed to provide a sound preparation for those who expect to pursue professional careers in economics, as well as other areas in business, and to provide service courses for non-business majors. The major emphasis is in developing an understanding of the economic environment, economic institutions, processes, and problems, as well as the basic economic models at work under a market economy.

The curriculum in finance offers a program that will assure sound preparation for those who expect to pursue professional careers in finance, as well as other business. The program is designed to provide a solid understanding of the financial decision-making process, with special emphasis on computer-assisted decision making. The curriculum is designed to enable the student to successfully gain initial employment in the areas of banking, real estate, insurance, investments, financial planning, and financial management.

The marketing major is created to provide students with a broad understanding of the factors and activities involved in the product management, distribution, promotion, and pricing processes. The major prepares students for careers in product and brand management, sales, advertising, retailing, industrial marketing, marketing research, customer service, and physical distribution. The curriculum is designed to include a comprehensive study of manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, small businesses, service firms, and non-profit organizations.


Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration