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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Volpe Library

Learning Support Program

Learning Support Program

Janet F. Whiteaker, Coordinator; Associate Professor Bryant; Assistant Professors Harden, Whiteaker; Instructors Duvier, Lewald

The Learning Support Program provides academic assistance in the form of tutoring, workshops, computerized exercises, individual conferences, etc.  Participation in these activities may be required by the University concurrent to enrollment in college-level classes.

Based upon ACT/SAT scores and/or test scores from the ACCUPLACER Placement Exam, students may be required to participate in one or more areas of Learning Support. [TTU currently uses the Next Generation version of College Board’s ACCUPLACER, but scores from the ACCUPLACER Classic version are still valid if they are within an acceptable date range, usually 3-5 years.]

Students whose Best ACT-English subject scores are less than 18 and/or whose ACCUPLACER Next Gen Placement Writing Exam Scores are less than 250 [Classic score 93] are required to participate in ENGL 1010 English Composition I + READ 1100 Learning Support Lab for English Composition I. 

Students whose Best ACT-Reading subject scores are less than 19 and/or whose ACCUPLACER Next Generation Placement Reading Exam Scores are less than 250 [Classic score 86] are required to take READ 1010 College Reading Improvement [Lecture and Lab, not the same as READ1100].  Students with a reading requirement are not allowed to enroll in courses that have an excessive amount of reading, such as history, psychology, sociology, philosophy, government, political science, etc., until the READ1010 requirement is met.  Students whose ACT-Reading subject scores are 17 or 18 may choose one (1) of the high-reading-content courses listed above to take concurrently with READ 1010.

Students whose Best ACT-Math subject scores are less than 19 and whose majors require algebra-based mathematics are required to take MATH 1000 [see Math Department for further information].  Students with ACT-Math subject scores less than 17 should take the “L” section of MATH1000.  Students with MATH 1000 requirements may not enroll in college-level math, chemistry, or physics until the MATH 1000 requirement has been satisfactorily completed.  Students whose majors do not require algebra-based mathematics but whose Best ACT-Math subject scores are less than 19 should enroll in “L” sections of MATH 1010 or MATH 1530. 

Learning Support attendance is mandatory.  A grade of “C” or higher in the college-level class is required for progression to the next level. 

All students who are required to participate in two or more courses with required Learning Support are also required to take UNIV 1030 - Learning Strategies .