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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Changes in Registration

Change of Schedule. A student may add a course via Eagle Online until the seventh calendar day of the semester. To add a course after the 7th calendar day, an Add/Drop form is required. To add a course, the student’s advisor and the instructor of the course must sign the Add/Drop form. All Add/Drop forms must be submitted to the Registration Center in Jere Whitson, Room 221.

Dropping a Course. A student may drop a full-term course, except required English Composition or First Year Connections courses, without receiving a grade during the first 14 calendar days of any term that is longer than seven weeks. For terms shorter than seven weeks, the first seven days will be utilized. A student may drop a course with the grade of “W”,  beginning the 15th day of the semester through the 11th week for Fall and Spring semesters. The last day to drop with a “W” for Summer semester will be the 47th day (full term) or the 23rd day (1st and 2nd terms). All students must have an advisor’s signature on an Add/Drop form. All students dropping any chemistry course with a lab will need to obtain the chemistry chair’s signature.  (See the online calendar’s academic schedule for “Last day to drop with grade of W.”) In addition to advisor’s signature, athletes must also get their advisor’s signature and the signature of the athletic advisor, to drop or add any course after the 14th day of class. International students dropping any course must also get a signature from the Office of International Education.

After the last day to drop with a “W” grade, a student may drop a course(s) only after having established the existence of extenuating, unavoidable circumstances

A complete request must include and meet the following criteria:

  • Demonstrate a direct cause and effect relationship between the extenuating circumstance and the student’s ability to successfully comply with University policy;
  • Circumstances should only be considered unforeseeable/unavoidable and could not have been reasonably prevented during the time period of issue;
  • Must be completed, signed and dated in its entirety;
  • Provide a typed, detailed personal statement (please limit to one page); and
  • Include relevant supporting documentation of circumstance as stated above that pertains to the time period at issue. Relevant documentation can be furnished only from an appropriate authority to support the claim.  Documentation should be signed and on official letterhead of the issuing authority and include the contact information for said authority. Please see examples of acceptable reasons/documentation below.

Requests submitted without valid or sufficient documentation will be automatically denied and closed, but may be reopened once required/sufficient documentation is received by the Office of the Registrar.

Reason/Circumstance Acceptable, Relevant and Supporting Documentation
Medical Issue A signed letter from physician/medical provider stating: 1.) the date(s) of the onset and duration of the condition and 2.) how the condition impaired your ability to continue/complete courses. Please do NOT send medical records/bills/receipts or a list of prescriptions.
Military Duty Deployment Orders/PCS Orders/TDY Orders; Memo from Commanding Officer to address issues not covered by military orders. Generally we require memos from 0-5s and above.
Death of Immediate Family Member Death certificate or obituary. The submitted documentation must show date of death and family relationship.

***Please note, poor grades and change in major do not constitute extenuating circumstance. 


A student can withdraw from the university ( withdraw from “ALL” courses) until the last day of classes and receive “W” grades by contacting the Office of the Registrar, Jere Whitson Building, Room 221 (registrar@tntech.edu). 

A student who is officially registered in a course and who fails to attend a class will receive a grade of “NF.” A grade of “NF” is treated the same as an “F” when calculating gpa. One who discontinues attendance without official withdrawal will receive a grade of “F” in the course.

A course is not officially removed from a student’s schedule until an Add/Drop form is completed and submitted to the Registration Center in Jere Whitson Building, Room 221. Add/Drop forms can be found here

Official Enrollment. Credit will be granted only for courses that appear on the student’s official academic record.

Freshman Orientation and Registration. All freshmen and new transfer students will meet for orientation and registration as shown in the University Calendar.

Freshman and Sophomore English. Students must register for the required courses in English for each consecutive semester enrolled, except the summer term, until the requirement of ENGL 1010 , ENGL 1020 , and ENGL 2130 , ENGL 2235  or ENGL 2330  is met. Once enrolled, the student may not drop ENGL 1010  or ENGL 1020 .

American History. All undergraduate students, except those majoring in engineering, are required to earn 6 hours of American History (HIST 2010 -HIST 2020 ) at Tennessee Technological University or to present acceptable college transfer credits. All undergraduate students, including engineering students, who have not completed one unit of American History at the high school level, or 6 hours of American History in previous college work, must satisfy this requirement. International undergraduate students must complete any additional ESL support coursework from FLS international or pass the English Placement Test prior to enrolling in American History. Other undergraduate students will satisfy the requirement as prescribed in the various curricula in the University Catalog.