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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Registration is available to all formally admitted students and consists of four steps, advisement, enrollment in courses, conformation of enrollment and payment of fees. A student must be registered to attend classes.

Before you can register, you must have met with your advisor, received an advisement sheet, and determined the 5-digit Course Registration Numbers (CRNs) for your classes. Your advisor will tell you your registration time and give you your Alternate PIN. You can log on and register on or after your appointment time only. 

Registration appointment times are assigned per classification/earned hours:

Priority Classification (based on earned hours)

1st (early)

 Graduate students and any eligible, qualifying students*
2nd  Seniors and Freshmen
3rd Juniors
4th  Sophomores 

* “Early” or “Priority” registration is reserved only for graduate students as well as any student that has a non-flexible time commitment to the University. Students with a non-flexible time commitment to the University are considered qualifying/eligible versus those who also have a time commitment to the University, but who’s time commitment is flexible, meaning the needs of the University do not come before the student’s course schedule. Athletes, student Veterans, students registered with Disability Services, Honors students, and tour guides are considered eligible for early/priority registration as those students must schedule classes around the University’s needs. Tutors, work study students, etc. do not qualify as their work schedules and/or commitment with the University are flexible to the student’s scheduled courses; the student can fulfill his/her work obligations around his/her courses. To receive “early/priority” registration, qualifying students must have their T numbers submitted to the Registrar’s Office by the appropriate office granting early registration during the specified time frame in the semesterly communication the Registrar’s office sends out prior to each registration period.

Please click here for detailed instructions for completing registration.

Registration Holds. A student may not have finalized all University requirements which results in a registration hold. This “hold” locks the registration process and the student is required to report to the appropriate office before registering to have the hold removed. A student may view their registration holds, if any, by accessing Student Records, then View Holds under the Registration Menu on Eagle Online.

Late Registration. Registration is not complete until all fees for the semester have been paid. See www.tntech.edu/bursar for fee payment/confirmation instructions. A $100 nonrefundable fee will be charged during the entire late registration period as announced in the University Online Calendar.