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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Art, Craft and Design

Assistant Professor Winkle, Director; Professors Brady (Fibers), Brock (Glass), Campbell (Wood), Doubet (Art Foundations), Pitelka (Clay), Ventura (Art History), Thompson (Art Education), Winkle; Assistant Professors Gallop (Design), Johnson (Painting), Randall (Metal)

The mission of the School of Art, Craft and Design is to prepare BFA majors for careers in visual art studios, design practice and art education.  More broadly, the department seeks to enable students to discover creative potential, to learn skills design processes, to acquire cultural knowledge, and to develop critical faculties through visual art experiences.  The School also seeks to instill an appreciation of visual arts in all University students, and to broaden the cultural perspective of the community, state, and region. A unique facet of Tennessee Tech is the Appalachian Center for Crafts which is dedicated to promoting excellence in American craft by providing access to the highest quality professional education in studio crafts, and presenting diverse craft artists, works and events in a community arts context. 

Main Campus

Assistant Professor Kimberly Winkle, Director

The nationally recognized faculty of art education, art history, art foundations, design and painting, as well as the studios, classrooms and offices for the Bachelor of Fine Arts concentrations in art education, design and painting, and the art foundations and art history curricula, are located in the Bryan Fine Arts Building and Foundation Hall.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts concentration in art education, prepares individuals to become art teachers in Grades K-12. The program for licensure in Art Education is designed to provide students with a broad liberal arts component, a program of professional studies, and a major in the teaching field.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts concentration design prepares students to pursue a professional career in visual communications, and the concentration in painting prepares the student for a career in studio art. Students develop technical competence, experience in design and problem solving, knowledge of art history and theories of style,  the application of critical thinking, and the development of an accomplished portfolio of artwork.

Craft Center

Kimberly Winkle, Interim Director

The primary function of the Joe L. Evins Appalachian Center for Craft is to serve the Bachelor of Fine Arts program and to offer a high quality studio art curriculum, concentrating in the craft media of clay, fibers, glass, metals, and wood. The Craft Center expands the development of contemporary expression and the lineage of craft techniques and forms, and enhances a flourishing crafts culture in the region through its academic, workshop and exhibition programs.

The Craft Center offers over 50,000 square feet of studio space in clay, fibers, glass, metal and wood, as well as 4,000 square feet of galleries, on-site housing facilities, café, and many other amenities. Located on 550 acres of woodland overlooking Center Hill Lake in Middle Tennessee, the Craft Center is 24 miles from the Tennessee Tech University campus.

The Craft Center’s facilities support Bachelor of Fine Arts craft concentrations led by the nationally recognized faculty in clay, fibers, glass, metals, and wood. Fully committed to their work both as teachers and as artists, they provide excellent studio instruction in an extraordinary studio environment. Six artists-in-residence also enhance the studio and gallery offerings. Main campus art courses and the general educational curriculum of Tennessee Technological University comprise about half of this unique, top-quality educational experience.


Bachelor of Fine Arts