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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Administrative Staff

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Kacee A. Abbott, Accountant, Business Office

Ahmed R. Abounassif, Advisor, Advisement Services

Jeffrey M. Adams, Director, Craft Center

Michael C. Aikens, Director, RODP Marketing Campaign

Shawn P. Albro, IT Security Analyst, Information Security

Deborah K. Allen, Advisor, College of Arts and Sciences Student Success Center

Kevin K. Anderson, Director, University Advancement

Melinda Anderson, Director, School of Human Ecology

Wendell W. Angel, Head Cross Country/Track Coach, Athletics

Blair R. Anton, Assistant Coordinator, Residential Life


Julie C. Baker, Assistant Dean, College of Education

Tiffany N. Baker, Assistant Women’s Softball Coach, Athletics

Rita M. Barnes, Director, Honors Program

Richard E. Barns, Associate Director, Residential Life

Samantha L. Bates, Advisor, College of Arts and Sciences Student Success Center

Sloan C. Bates, Teacher, Child Development Lab

Edward F. Beason, Assistant Director, Disability Services

Jordan R. Benedict, Cheerleader Coordinator, Athletics

Tracy M. Black, Systems Analyst 2, Enterprise Application Services

Andrew A. Bleignier, Assistant Director, International Education

Kayla Blouin, Counselor, Admissions Office

Evelyn D. Boatman, Manager, Facilities

Sandra M. Bohannon, Director, Student Affairs

Corey B. Boyd, Assistant Soccer Coach, Athletics

Jerry E. Boyd, Director, Network Services and Operations

Matthew A. Bragga, Head Baseball Coach, Athletics

Warren T. Brewer, Associate Vice President, Research

David W. Brown, Systems Programmer, Research

John P. Brown, Head Golf Coach, Athletics

Lisa P. Brown, Advisor, Interdisciplinary Studies

Cynthia N. Bryant, Assistant Director, Counseling Center

Joshua L. Burke, Specialist, International Student Affairs

Elizabeth A. Butler, Specialist, Human Resources

Bonnie L. Bynum, Head Softball Coach, Athletics 


Hugo R. Cabrera, Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach, Athletics

Xizi Cai, Specialist, Library

T. Alexander Callis, Counselor, Admissions

Amy J. Carpenter, Distance MBA Manager, College of Business

Derek J. Carr, Assistant Football Coach, Athletics

Brent L. Carter, Coordinator of Safety and Environmental Compliance, Facilities and Business Services

Brandy D. Cartmell, Assistant Vice President for Recruitment, Enrollment Management

Evelyn S. Chambers, Assistant Director, Human Resource Services

Kelly A. Chambers, Assistant Director, University Advancement

Joseph N. Chappell, Analyst, Institutional Research Office

Rusty L. Chilcutt, Manager, Hyder-Burks Agriculture Pavilion, School of Agriculture

Rosanna N. Christen, Coordinator, College of Education

Allison M. Clark, Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach, Athletics

Angela D. Clark, Advisor, College of Arts and Sciences Student Success Center

Benjamin H. Clark, Advisor, Whitson-Hester School of Nursing

Yvette R. Clark, Director of Academic and Client Technologies, Information Technology Services

James M. Cobb, Director of Environmental Health and Safety, Facilities and Business Services

Tammy G. Cobb, Account Services Manager, Telecommunications

Jennifer M. Cole, Gallery Manager, Craft Center

Kimberly D. Collie, Specialist, Human Resources

Susan N. Collins, Coordinator, Education

Adrianne E. Colquitt, Teacher, Child Development

Deborah K. Combs, Coordinator, President’s Office

Vickie L. Copeland, Coordinator, International Education Office

Brittany H. Copley, Associate Registrar, Registrar’s Office

Lora A. Cowan, Assistant Director, University Advancement

Marjorie K. Crabtree, Director of Financial Services, Business Office

Charles E. Craig, Advisor, College of Education Advising Center

Matthew T. Crawford, Computer Programmer/Analyst, University Advancement

Melissa E. Creek, Advisor, College of Business Student Success Center

April R. Crockett, Website Development Manager, Library

R. Brent Cross, Specialist, Enrollment Management

Ricky D. Cumby, Director of Enterprise Application Systems, Information Technology Services

Kristy L. Cunningham, Assistant Director, Career Services

Diane C. Cushman, Manager, Business Office

Michael C. Cushman, Assistant Athletic Trainer, Athletics


Christine A. Daniels, Manager, Facilities and Business Services

Frank J. Davis, Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach, Athletics

James L. Davis, Head Women’s Basketball Coach, Athletics

Leveda D. Dexter, Advisor, Athletics

Matthew M. Dexter, Facilities and Events Manager, Athletics

Sarah A. DiFurio, Coordinator, Facilities and Business Services

Bailey M. Dillender, Assistant Softball Coach, Athletics

Kenneth R. Doyle, Head Tennis Coach, Athletics

Tracey N. Duncan, Director, Alumni Relations

Edith W. Duvier, Director, College of Arts and Sciences Student Success Center

Jennifer L. Dyer, Advisor, Advisement Services

Michael R. Dyer, Financial Analyst, Craft Center


James S. Eddins, Coordinator, STEM

Joshua E. Edmonds, Assistant Director, Residential Life

Abby L. Eibel, Counselor, Counseling Center

Kurt R. Eisen, Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Stephen H. Emert, Systems Analyst, Information Technology Services

Theresa R. Ennis, Director, Academic Affairs

Joseph T. Erdeljac, Head Athletic Trainer, Athletics

Jeremy L. Ey, Systems Administrator, Information Technology Services

Laura H. Ezell, Scholarship Manager, Enrollment Management


Amanda B. Fabrizio, Director, University Advancement

Tracy A. Farris, Systems Analyst, Information Technology Services

Robert L. Finegan, Academic Computing Specialist, Information Technology Services

Kevin T. Flanary, Director of Military and Veterans Affairs, Enrollment Management

Tyree L. Foreman, Assistant Football Coach, Athletics

Whitney R. Foust, Advisor, Advisement Services

Eugene E. Frazier, Assistant Cross Country/Track Coach, Athletics


Vani Gaddam, Advisor, Advisement Services

Julie M. Galloway, Director, College of Business Student Success Center

Philip A. Gant, Counselor, Admissions

Sandra L. Garrison, Research and Economic Development

Elizabeth L. Gays, Director, Human Resources

Gail L. Gentry, Manager, Craft Center

Deborah K. Gernt, Accountant, Business Office

Victor H. Gernt, Financial Management Analyst, Business Office

B. Jake Gipson, Counselor, Admissions

Chester W. Goad, Director, Disability Services

Kimberly A. Godwin, Specialist, Innovation Institute

Charles V. Gonzales, Systems Administrator, Information Technology Services

Daniel J. Gonzalez, Systems Administrator, Information Technology Services

Emily S. Goodman, Assistant Director, Financial Aid

Danielle L. Gotham, Assistant Volleyball Coach, Athletics

Adam D. Graham, Assistant Athletic Trainer, Athletics

James A. Gray, Associate Director, Admissions

Sterling B. Gray, Designer, Communications and Marketing

Nancy E. Greene, Administrative Assistant, Records Office

Valerie R. Greenwood, Director, Business Office

Darren R. Gregory, Coordinator of Intramurals, University Recreation and Fitness Center

Jamie R. Gunter, Advisor, Whitson-Hester School of Nursing


David M. Hales, Systems Administrator, Information Technology Services

Marlene E. Hall, Coordinator, University Police

William E. Hall, Manager, Facilities and Business Services

Amanda G. Hammock, Teacher, Child Development

Benjamin W. Harmon, Nurse Practitioner, Health Services

Franklin T. Harrell, Associate Athletics Director, Athletics

Paul R. Harrison, Research Specialist, RODP

Carla E. Hazelwood, Assistant Golf Coach, Athletics

Suzann Hensley, Assistant Director, University Recreation and Fitness Center

Sonja R. Higgenbotham, Coordinator, Mechanical Engineering

Amy K. Hill, Editor, Research and Economic Development

Aubree J. Hill, Assistant Coordinator, Biology

Brandi M. Hill, University Registrar, Registrar’s Office

Jason W. Hoffert, Assistant Manager, Information Technology Services

Thomas M. Hollander, Video Production Coordinator, Athletics

Carol Holley, Manager, Office of the Provost

Justin M. Holmes, Assistant Baseball Coach, Athletics

Gregory W. Holt, Compliance Officer, Compliance Office

Dennis W. Hood, Director, Information Technology Services

Cherie C. Hook, Coordinator, Education

Amanda G. Houser, Assistant Farm Manager, School of Agriculture

Gregory D. Howard, Systems Analyst, Information Technology Services

Sherry D. Howard, Specialist, Human Resources

Darrell E. Hoy, Associate Dean, College of Engineering

Michelle D. Huddleston, Coordinator, Service Learning Center

Becky P. Hull, Executive Director, Cookeville Higher Education Center

Judy M. Hull, Purchasing Director, Business Services

Kay T. Hume, Database Administrator, Information Technology Services

Jason W. Hurley, Director of Nursing Instruction, School of Nursing

Melanie R. Hutcherson, Administrative Assistant, College of Engineering

Elizabeth L. Hutchins, Advisor, Advisement Services

Dwight C. Hutson, Systems Administrator, Information Technology Services


Harry T. Ingle, Director, College of Engineering Student Success Center

Melissa R. Irvin, Assistant Vice President for Student Success, Enrollment Management


Luke T. Jackson, Specialist, Computer Science

Jacquelyn A. Jacobson, Advisor, Advisement Services

Abbey L. Jaffe, Coordinator, Fitness Center

Amy D. Jared, Advisor, College of Education Student Success Center

Cortis O. Jarvis, Assistant Farm Manager, School of Agriculture

Lance P. Jasitt, Assistant Athletics Director, Athletics

Ronald H. Jirsa, Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach, Athletics

Gregory K. Johnson, Manager, College of Business

Lauren L. Johnson, Assistant Coordinator, Residential Life

Lloyd A. Jones, Coordinator, Information Technology Services

Cassandra E. Joyner, Assistant Volleyball Coach, Athletics


Ashley W. Kabakci, Associate Director, Career Services

Hunter W. Kaller, Media Specialist, Innovation Institute

Randi B. Kaplan, Assistant Athletic Trainer, Athletics

Hosi Karzai, Project Manager, Information Technology Services

Lydia K. Kendall, Coordinator, Library

Sheila K. Kendrick, Coordinator, Graduate Studies

Chad E. Kennedy, Web Specialist, University Advancement

Tammy M. Keylon, Advisor, College of Interdisciplinary Studies’ Advising Center

Adriane D. King, Assistant Director, Student Financial Aid

J. Kim Kirby, Coordinator, Graduate Studies

Ashlee R. Kiser, Advisor, Athletics

Joel N. Knight, Specialist, Information Technology Services

Joshua H. Knight, Manager, Information Technology Services

Casey R. Kramer, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Athletics

Genevieve A. Kudrey, Librarian, Learning Resource Center


Michael D. Lehman, Sports Information Coordinator, Athletics

Meredith B. Lewis, Advisor, College of Education Student Success Center

Virginia M. Lewis, Coordinator, Athletics

Gail D. Ligon, Assistant Director, Internal Audit

Samantha K. Linck, Assistant Cross Country/Track Coach, Athletics

Kevin R. Liska, Director, College of Business

Richard C. Living, Systems Support, Information Technology Services

Anthony N. Loftis, Power Plant Manager, Facilities and Business Services

Joanne Longfellow, Systems Analyst, Information Technology Services

Julie D. Longmire, Director of Advisement Services, Enrollment Management

Brandi L. Lovin, Advisor, Advisement Services

Mark D. Lynam, Coordinator, Research Office


Lisa C. Maas, Enterprise Systems Analyst, Information Technology Services

Charles C. Macke, Director, Residential Life

Robert J. Maffei, Assistant Football Coach, Athletics

Shubhada S. Mahajan, Analyst, Institutional Research

Patrick H. Mannle, Advisor, Advisement Services

Tony D. Marable, Director of Minority Engineering, College of Engineering

Victor A. Martin, Assistant Coordinator of Intramurals, Campus Recreation and Fitness Center

Samuel T. Masters, Director of Maintenance and Repairs, Facilities and Business Services

Justin T. Matheney, Director of Football Operations, Athletics

Bobbie F. Maynard, Executive Director, Communications and Marketing

Debbie A. Maynard, Associate Director, Student Financial Aid

Lorraine J. McCracken, Coordinator, Office of Senior Associate Provost

Carol U. McGee, Advisor, Advisement Services

Lester C. McKenzie, III, Director, Student Financial Aid

Patricia A. McKenzie, Financial Analyst, Office of the Provost

Tammie C. McMillan, Associate Athletics Director, Athletics

Ronald Mezime, Coordinator, Residential Life

Christina L. Mick, Assistant Director, Counseling Center

Amy L. Miller, Coordinator, International Education

DeLayne L. Miller, Manager, Facilities

Stephen C. Mills, Engineer, Mechanical Engineering

Richard A. Moles, Advisor, College of Education Student Success Center

Chery L. Montgomery, Director, University Advancement

Vahid Motevalli, Associate Dean, College of Engineering

David L. Mullinax, Director, University Recreation and Fitness Center

Gene A. Mullins, Coordinator, Chemistry

James A. Mullis, Director, Student Orientation

Jamie L. Murdock, Specialist, Research and Economic Development

Conard F. Murray, Engineer, Electrical and Computer Engineering


David H. Napert, Assistant Football Coach, Athletics

Kimberly D. Nash, Executive Staff Assistant, Athletics

Ramachandran Natarajan, Associate Dean, College of Business

Lauren L. Neal, Manager, Innovation Institute

Tony C. Nelson, Director, University Police

Kathryn A. Nicewicz, Director of MBA Studies, College of Business

Jeffrey W. Norrod, Coordinator, Student Financial Aid

Jessica L. Northcutt, Manager, Human Resources


Elizabeth D. Ojo, Assistant Director, Minority Student Affairs

Rebecca O’Shurak, Assistant Soccer Coach, Athletics

Robert L. Owens, Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs


Gina R. Padgett, Assistant Director, Alumni Relations

Brenda G. Palmer, Manager, Human Resources

Sally J. Pardue, Director, STEM Center

Sherrie L. Parker, Specialist, Nursing

Gregory M. Pateras, Assistant Coordinator, Residential Life

Stephen L. Payne, Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Athletics

Marbin Pazos-Revilla, Specialist, College of Engineering

William K. Peterson, Sports Technology Coordinator, Athletics

Kara L. Phillips, Assistant Director, Admissions

Kristie F. Phillips, Director, Athletics

Christopher D. Polizzi, Assistant Football Coach, Athletics

Eugene M. Pope, Associate Director, University Advancement

Andre S. Porter, Manager, Graduate Studies

Elizabeth A. Powell, Coordinator, College of Engineering Student Success Center


James W. Qualls, Assistant Manager, Oakley Sustainable Ag Center
Shawn W. Quinn, Assistant Football Coach, Athletics


Mark A. Ramirez, Equipment Coordinator, Athletics

Linda C. Randolph, Advisor, Advisement Services

Justin M. Rascati, Assistant Football Coach, Athletics

Jordan M. Ratti, Assistant Football Coach, Athletics

Leigh A. Ray, Director, Health Services

Dan E. Redmond, Assistant Athletic Trainer, Athletics

Kory A. Riemensperger, Writer, Communication and Marketing

Judy C. Riggsbee, Assistant Director, Admissions

Thomas D. Riley, Director, School of Agriculture

Jeffrey N. Rippy, Academic Computing Specialist, Information Technology Services

Janie C. Robbins, Associate Director, Extended Programs and Regional Development

Amanda G. Roberts, Advisor, College of Education Advising Center

Judith K. Roberts, Manager, Human Resources

Shanna R. Rodgers, Advisor, Advisement Services

Lisa B. Russell, Assistant Director, University Advancement


Annette R. Saldana, Advisor, Advisement Services

Terry W. Saltsman, Assistant to the President, President’s Office

Kaitlin B. Salyer, Assistant Coordinator, Service Learning Center

Marcus D. Satterfield, Head Football Coach, Athletics

Robert G. Scarbrough, Manager, Facilities

Robert C. Schabert, Assistant Athletics Director/SID, Athletics

Billy J. Sells, Academic Computing Specialist, Information Technology Services

Patrick S. Sewell, Network Systems Analyst, Information Technology Services

Lauren E. Shull, Director, Communications and Marketing

Jane B. Sipes, TN eCampus Coordinator, College of Interdisciplinary Studies

Cody A. Sircy, Facilities and Events Coordinator, Athletics

Angie J. Smith, Director, Child Development Lab

Donna L. Smith, Analyst, College of Engineering

John W. Smith, Director, University Advancement

Juanelle E. Smith, Director, College of Interdisciplinary Studies Student Success Center

Matt A. Smith, Bursar, Business Office

Patricia L. Smith, Director, Counseling Center

Sarah L. Smith, Coordinator, Nursing

Susan D. Smith, Assistant to the Vice President, Business Office

Tisheika M. Snow, Assistant Coordinator, Residential Life

Elizabeth R. Sofia, Assistant to the Provost, Office of the Provost

Jonathan R. Sommer, Computer Programmer Analyst, Information Technology Services

Sammie M. Sparks, Contract Compliance Assistant, Research Office

Steven E. Springthorpe, Head Soccer Coach, Athletics

Frank E. Starling, Specialist, Information Technology Services

Lisa S. Stevens, Assistant Bursar, Business Office

Jessie L. Stockton, Counselor, Admissions

Johnny W. Storie, Network Systems Analyst, Information Technology Services

Richard S. Strahan, Architect, Strategic Research Initiatives

Shelby N. Stroud, Assistant Coordinator, Residential Life

James J. Sullivan, Director of Maintenance and Repairs, Craft Center

Kelli J. Swindell, Teacher, Child Development Lab


Jason T. Taylor, Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach, Athletics

Terri L. Taylor, Assistant to the President, President’s Office

Dennis D. Tennant, Director, Extended Programs and Regional Development

Amanda M. Thatcher, Compliance Coordinator, Athletics

Evelyn Thompson, Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach, Athletics

Kevin S. Thompson, Manager, Telecommunications

Teresa G. Thorsen, Counselor, Counseling Center

Cynthia R. Tompkins, Assistant Director, Health Services

Thomas K. Tucker, Director, Facilities

Thomas L. Turner, Advisor, Advisement Services


Nikki N. Vaughn, Manager, Facilities

James A. Ventrice, Assistant Coordinator, Biology

Angela K. Vick, Financial Analyst, Information Technology Services


Bart M. Walker, Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach, Athletics

Kristy M. Walker, Grant Accountant, Business Office

Catherine M. Wallace, Administrative Assistant, University Advancement

Donna A. Wallis, Assistant Director, Facilities and Business Services

Brandon H. Walls, Systems Administrator, Information Technology Services

Ashley N. Watson, Counselor, International Education

Derek R. Weldon, Assistant Baseball Coach, Athletics

Kristin M. Wells, Director, University Advancement

Emily L. Wheeler, Director, University Budget and Planning

Michael W. Wheeler, Systems Administrator, Information Technology Services

Michael W. Wiggins, Financial Analyst, College of Interdisciplinary Studies

Shaun E. Wiley-Samuel, Coordinator, Health Services

Darla K. Wilhite, Director of Auxiliaries, Business Office

Charlie J. Wilkerson, Director, International Education

Katherine W. Williams, Director, Student Activities

Kimberly M. Williams, Nurse, Health Services

Nicole B. Williams, Coordinator, Residential Life

Sammuel T. Williamson, Assistant Football Coach, Athletics

David J. Willis, Director, Communications and Marketing

Jerri L. Winningham, Transfer Coordinator, Enrollment Management

Dewayne A. Wright, Director of Publications, Communications and Marketing

Dontae L. Wright, Assistant Football Coach, Athletics

Derek E. Wynne, Specialist, Information Technology Services

Megan M. Wynne, Teacher, Child Development Lab


Joseph A. Yother, Coordinator, Admissions

D. Jeff Young, Associate Vice President, Business Office


Lisa L. Zagumny, Associate Dean, College of Education

David R. Zelenock, Head Volleyball Coach, Athletics

Deborah L. Zsigalov, Chief Info Security Officer, Information Technology Services