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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Curriculum and Instruction

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Associate Professor J. Wendt, Chairperson; Professors Akenson, Anthony, Brashears, Comer, Kolodziej, Larimore, Owens, Setliff, M. R. Smith, Zagumny; Associate Professors J. Baker, Bruckman, Chitiyo, Dainty, Graves, J. Martin, O. Martin, S. J. Smith, Suters, Trent; Assistant Professors J.C. Baker, Beach, Howard, Isbell, King, Lloyd, McCormick, Ogbomo, Richards, Stepp, Taylor-Greathouse, S. Wendt; Lecturers Callender, Edwards, Kennedy, Lafoon, Moore, Rogers, Taylor

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction is responsible for preparing teachers for endorsement in one or more teaching fields or grade levels in Pre K-12 and for offering graduate work in instruction and curriculum through the M.A. and Ed.S. degrees. Licenses for teaching are available in the areas of:

Early Childhood Education, Pre K-3 and Early Childhood Special Education, PreK-3

Elementary Education

English as a Second Language, PreK-12

Middle School, 6-8

Secondary Education (Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Economics, English, French, German, Geography, History, Mathematics, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Spanish, Speech Communication, 7-12, and Theatre, K-12) and Trade and Occupational Specalist specialization

Special Education (Modified K-12, Comprehensive K-12)

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction offers graduate programs in each of the above areas as well as in the field of Curriculum, Instructional Leadership, Reading Specialist, and Library Science.

The Multi-disciplinary Studies Non-Licensure program is offered for students desirous of a broad-based degree and background in education but who do not desire to pursue a teaching license.

Occupational Education

No degree is available; however, course work is offered for the occupational teacher who must complete specific knowledges and skills to be recommended for the Occupational Education License. The program consists of the following 18 semester hours: CTE 3230 , CTE 4030 (5030) , CTE 4080 (5080) , CTE 4090 (5090) , CTE 4850 (5850) , and SEED 4121 (5121)  .

The initial license issued is the Apprentice Occupational License. To advance from the Apprentice Level to the Professional Level, the individual must attend a three-day or 18 contact hour pre-service training for occupational teachers during the first year, earn 18 semester hours from an institution with an approved program (with six of those hours required during the first year), complete four days of observation of other teachers, have a mentor teacher, attend two days of professional development during the school year, and must teach a total of three years with positive evaluations by the local education agency.

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