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2018-2019 Graduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Special Admissions

Admission of Faculty Members to Graduate Studies

In addition to meeting the usual requirements for admission to the graduate degree program, an employee’s supervisor, the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies, and the Provost must approve the request.

Admission of Seniors to Graduate Courses

A senior student within 18 hours of completing the requirements for the Bachelor’s Degree may take up to nine (9) hours of graduate credit (5000 and 6000 level courses) provided that:

  • The student’s record gives indication that the student could achieve Graduate Admissions “Full Standing” classification at the conclusion of the undergraduate program and
  • The student’s departmental advisor, graduate course instructor(s), chairperson of the department(s), and Associate Dean of the College of Graduate Studies approve the student’s request.

A senior student within 18 hours who does not meet the “Full Standing” criteria of may take up to nine (9) hours of 5000 level courses.  Credit earned in this manner may be used for either undergraduate or graduate credit but not both.

Admission to Fast-Track Programs

The Fast-Track program is designed to enable Tennessee Tech undergraduate students to accumulate up to six (6) credit hours of graduate coursework, to satisfy both undergraduate and graduate degree requirements, while still pursuing their undergraduate degree.  These hours can include either 4000/5000 dually-listed courses taken at the 5000-level or 6000-level courses.

All courses must be taken at Tennessee Tech.

The chair of the department must approve the courses as appropriate substitutions in the undergraduate curriculum.

Participation does not change the requirements for either the undergraduate or graduate program.

A student meeting the minimum admission requirements must apply to the department for admission to the Fast Track program.  The department’s graduate committee will review the application and make a decision on the application.

Upon graduation from the undergraduate degree program, the student must meet all requirements for graduate admission into Full Standing in the appropriate graduate degree program.  Meeting these minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to the graduate program.

Admission of Transfer Students

An applicant for admission who has begun a graduate program at another college or university may be considered for admission to the College of Graduate Studies at Tennessee Technological University on a transfer basis consistent with Tennessee Tech Policy 283, General Graduate Transfer Credit Requirements.

A transfer applicant must be in good standing at the institutions previously attended.

Admission of Nondegree Graduate Students

Admission to some graduate courses is available to persons who do not seek a graduate degree. Each applicant must submit to the Graduate College an application, application fee, and proof of having earned the bachelor’s degree.

Admission is approved by individual departments, divisions, and their representatives.

International students on an F1 Visa are not eligible for admission as nondegree students.

Nondegree graduate students are placed in Special Standing (see Special Standing section) and are permitted to take such undergraduate and graduate courses as are approved by individual advisors. Not all courses offered at the University are available for nondegree students. Information concerning the availability of specific courses can be obtained from individual departments.

A non-degree seeking graduate student subsequently admitted into a graduate program may use up to nine (9) previously earned graduate credit hours toward the graduate program, upon approval from the graduate student’s advisory committee.

Admission as a nondegree graduate student is not the same as admission as an “additional bachelor’s” student. The admission status of an additional bachelor’s student is explained in the following section of this catalog.

Admission as an Additional Bachelor’s Student

An additional bachelor’s student is a post baccalaureate student but is not a graduate student and should not be confused with a nondegree graduate student. An additional bachelor’s student is usually working toward a second undergraduate degree or taking undergraduate or graduate courses for undergraduate credit with no degree objective in mind. Additional bachelor’s students apply through the undergraduate admissions office and are not counted as graduate students. An additional bachelor’s student should not register for a graduate course without prior consultation with the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies; graduate credit will not be granted for graduate courses taken while in the additional bachelor’s status. A student who wishes to pursue a graduate degree should complete an on-line Graduate Admissions application and select a graduate degree program.

Admission to Class as an Auditor

An auditor is one who enrolls in classes on a noncredit basis, is expected to attend class, but is not required to hand in assignments or to take examinations. If the instructor is not satisfied with the attendance, the instructor may assign a grade of “W.” A student who audits must be admitted to the University as a regular or special student.

Admission to class as an auditor requires the consent of the instructor and the approval of the Director of Records and Registration. The applicant should secure the Audit Registration form from the Office of Records and Registration. Fees for audit courses are the same as those for credit courses.

Readmission of Former Students

A former graduate student at Tennessee Technological University who is not currently enrolled at the University must file an application for readmission. The application may be obtained here and should be filed no later than 2 weeks before the first day of registration of the semester of anticipated enrollment.

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